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Even though the ad says it's for glamorous women who boast Hollywood scale social life, I believe that in 2017 that translates that it is even for those who like GOING to the cinema. The dust of the movie theater even though these new ones are sprayed and sterilized all day long. The gold of the movie screen, the romantic date, and definitely an autumn evening stroll. I liked the name, but the scent seemed soo boring to me! This is so devastatingly hard to find offline and it's devastating. I get extraordinary longevity and a soft sillage, so it's not likely to offend. I spritzed it on my arm, I I get the citrus/vanilla nice combo.No, it is not a daytime perfume, it is a very big "hommage" perfume, not only for glamorous girls but also for girls who admire glamorous girls. It opens up mildly citrusy and with a soft bouquet of flowers, vanilla almonds and amber soon follows. Why oh why didn't I buy a bottle when it was readily available? minutes the scent has almost vanished !!!She says you have to have the height and the weight to be able to pull these off.And while I admit that I would like to be in place where I can just borrow Elle from my mom, I would actually like to own Cinema. Though, i will give it a second chance due to good reviews here. I was gifted a small 1m L decant of this by a very generous friend and I adore it.

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It smelled powdery and synthetic, reminding me of the cheap spray they use in Macy's bathrooms. Now it is a balmy 95 degrees in Southern California and I happened to leave this bottle on my desk. I got this off scentbird a few months ago, and immediately liked this perfume. I'd sort of forgotten about it, but got out all my scentbird scents, and decided to wear this today. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be stalking ebay for a full size bottle. For some reason this perfume reminds me of sunshine. For some reason I see it as more "mature" scent because its sophisticated.

A rare fragrance for women that's playful but serious.

This dries down to an aldehydic white floral which bears some similarity to Chanel No5 (due to the aldehydes), but is peachier, in a sophisticated way, and more modern. Could suit any age - the fruitiness keeps it youthful, but the aldehydes give it a classic feel. For me, Cinema is a fairly simple citrus-vanilla-amber fragrance - I don't really get much of the floral - but its simplicity is what makes it so graceful. She's dependable, unbreakable, genuine to the bitter end, and does it all in bold lipstick and pumps.

The top note is delicate and softly fresh (clementine, almond blossom and cyclamen). The drydown is warm, opulent, and balsamic with amber, musk and sweet powdery vanilla. I keep seeing that word "elegant" in other reviews, and the description is apt. I really loved this fragrance, but unfortunately I ended up being allergic to something in it (the first and only time I had a reaction to a perfume) and my skin and it did not play well together, so I had to get rid of it. Longevity is very good, I am smelling the dry down from a test strip after 24h and it is still full bodied. It's the heavy blast of cheap hairspray and mandarin that shouts her presence and gives a really Southern European balmy summer sexy feel, but the golden almondy floral heart reveals her strength of character.

A beautiful, aristocratic smell, turned into a chemical mess which lasts 1 hour and then is GONE. I The thing that set this apart for me when it came out was the almond note.

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